June 5th, 2006


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Mostly WoW related...

Sometime ago I posted on worldofwarcraft about whether it would be possible to reach exalted with Orgrimmar before hitting 40 and I got a lot of good response.
Sadly I can see that 'm probably not gonna get a wolf when my cowTauren hunter hit 40, but I'm damn well gonna try :)

Also, inspired by a previous post about customising keyboard shortcuts I decided to redo some of mine.
I like using the Alt key combined as I have a good reach and can use a wide range of keys with it.
I started remapping the function keys (Alt+F1, Alt+F2) and got to F4... It took me two attempts before I realised the depths of stupidity to which I had plummeted...

I thought I'd entertain you all with that :]

I have also introduced spikey_bastard to WoW and hopefully he'll be levelled up in no time ready for some instances and some questing...