August 8th, 2006

IceBear Asleep

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Anyway, Wacken was a really really good and I saw many good bands.
Well, it was a metal festival so it would have been silly not to :)

I took a few photos, but quite frankly, most of them aren't really worth putting up as they were just shots which I hoped might come out well. I'll look at that when I get home.

I'm currently relaxing in Norrköping, Sweden, and I will be back in London Friday night.
I know there are lots of things going on next wekend, but as I'm just returnng back, I suspect I'd be best off just relaxing a little at home and getting ready for work.

I have spent far too much money this holiday, but that is only to be expected :]
I have bought new clothes and jewellery so at least I have phat epic loot coming back with me.
Still didn't get a drinking horn though :(
Sadly I won' get to spend time in Stockholm as I had hoped, but there will be other times in Sweden. I have to admit that I'm ejoying being in Sweden far more than I would have expected. Especially after four visits here where I have enjoyed it more and more each time...

I have been reading LJ sporadically, so let me know if there is anything important I should know...