August 14th, 2006


More Training...

There are exciting things afoot in the world of viking training...

Every year there's a big viking festival in Denmark at a place called Moesgård.
There are a few big battles to be fought and this year something terrible happened...

The Jomsvikings totally had their arses handed to them >_<
Obviously I wasn't there to help, otherwise things might have been different... coffcoff

The exciting news is that this state of affairs is intolerable and next year we must destroy that opposition completely and re-establish our dominance on the battlefield.
To achieve this we'll get extra training during the week specifically aimed at winning next year.
We'll be practicing a formation called 'The Tank' which will consist of a Shield Wall at the front, Spears in the 2nd row flanked by Dane-Axes (I'll be holding the left flank) and runners at the back to take advantage of any holes we punch in the opposite line.

The guy training us is a formerSAS guy and he expects peak performance.
Needless to say, that day will be set aside for viking training for the forseeable future :)
We expect it to be Thursdays, but the day hasn't been decided upon yet.

And obviously I'm ridiculously excited about this...
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