August 29th, 2006



I forgot my phone at home this morning, so if anyone needs to get hold of me you'll have to e-mail me or call me on my office phone or Blackberry.
Geek Devil

WiFi geekery

Do any of you people out there in Geekland have anyexperience with WiFi providers?

I'm thinking of getting one for myself and I only have experience with T-Mobile.
They're generally good when there is coverage, but unfortunately their coverage is patchy at best...

I know from my mobile phone connection that O2 has great coverage all the places where I'm likely to spend much time (Garlic & Shots, Dev, North Acton) and I believe it's the same for Orange. I just wonder how good/fast/reliable their WiFi is...

In the end, it will probably come down to who has the cheapes subscription fee...
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