October 7th, 2008


Religion fail...

This is so full of fail on sooooo many levels...

An institution of fantasists trying to censor one of their own bigots for remarks many of their follow fantasists seem to agree with...

Outrage spokesman David Allison said "It's the kind of remark you might expect from a drunk on a Saturday night, not someone in a supposedly responsible position."

Because filling people's heads with lies, fantasies, outdated myths and bigotry is responsible...?

Damn, I wish I had more time, I can feel an anti-religion rant coming on but I also have work to do.
I need to find an evolved planet where the belief in fantasies is left to children...
Ice Bear

Crackhammer 40k geekery...

Ok, so some time ago I finally took up Warhammer 40000 again.
I've posted a few pictures on Facebook of my army and of the match where I remembered to bring a camera...

It is nerddom to the fullest ^_^

So far I have:
1x Captain
1x Runepriest
1x Dreadnought
2x Terminator Wolfguards
5x "Normal terminators"
5x Long Fangs (Devastator Squad, Heavy Weapons unit)
20xGrey Hunters (Tactical Squad)
20xBloodclaws (Assault Squad, Close Combat unit)
5x Scouts with sniper Rifles
1x Landspeeder
2x Whirlwinds
2x Bikes
1x Predator

Now I just need to get them all painted :-D

Anyone else on my F-List that plays and fancy a match?
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