October 9th, 2008

Ice Bear


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  • 11:58 Sooo tired... Couldn't get to sleep until well after 4am :-/ #
  • 13:14 Who's up for Big Red this Friday? #
  • 15:02 I **need** this: ping.fm/8hDf3 #
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Huzzah... It's working...

Huzzah, it's definitely working...

After a horrendous break from the gym over the summer period (Summer? What summer? I live in the UK...), I've been going to the gym twice a day.
Cardio in my lunch break and weights followed by a bit of cardio in the evenings.

Fantastic. It takes an awful lot of food, but I love eating so that's not a problem.
I also go most weekends _nocturnalpulse isn't visiting...

Result? I'm now the slimmest I've been in a long long time while upperbody strength is almost at an all time high...
Still a short way to go, but it all looks achievable now...

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