January 6th, 2009


More Warhammer...

Gah, I really shouldn't have stayed up until 3am putting Land Speeders together...

Beyond tired today.

Made good use of magnets so I can swap out the weapon load-out quickly and easily.

And for my next trick I'll be putting a Land Raider Redeemer together using magnets strategically so I can swap out weapons easily and turn it into a Land Raider Crusader...

Anyway, on Monday I'll be playing a 3000 points battle against my Eldar nemesis who will fall before the might of the imperium...
Ice Bear


  • 17:14 Wooo, a Land Raider and 2 Land Speeders have arrived ^_^ #
  • 09:48 Yay, managed to forget my phone at home today... Grrr... #
  • 13:30 Thought for the day: Let your anger be as a monkey in a pinata...hiding in the candy, hoping the children do not break through with a stick #
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