December 5th, 2011

Lotus Notes Goat

Dictionary in Lotus goats Notes

I really wonder sometimes, why the developers (Ha ha ha, the phrase about a thousand monkeys with typewriters spring to mind when thinking of Lotus Notes "developers") of Lotus Notes bothered to put in an 'Add to dictionary' button on their spellchecker when it doesn't bother remembering the words you put in...


Gym in focus...

It's interesting how being focused in the gym carries over to other parts of my life.

I have recently been very slack in the gym, and that meant my studies have been going nowhere, my diet was terrible, I was more prone to having a few beers or a bottle of wine at home in the evening, running late in the morning and so on.

But now, being back in the gym, I feel more more focused again.
I'm eating better, working out properly, I have managed to study more and so on and so forth.

Many small changes stack up.

Just a shame that Virgin Active is such a rubbish gym -_-
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