August 10th, 2012




DESIGNATION: 8th N'Dras expeditionary force "Dawn's Light"
LOCATION: N'Dras Sept, N'Dras sector, Second Sphere territories

COMMANDING OFFICER: Shas'O N'Dras L'Eoro'Sho'Ka Kauyon "Shadow of Dawn"
OFFICERS: 25x XV-8 Shas'vre, 3xAun,
PERSONNEL: 144xShas, 5xXV-9 veterans
HELPERS: 11 Kor'vesa
AUXILIARY: 45 Jikita, 1 Jikita rider, 4 hounds, 6 Mal'Kor
VEHICLES: 6xDevil Fish, 3xHammerhead, 6xPiranha, 2xSky Ray
AIR FORCE: Barracuda Air Superiority Fighter, 4xDX-6 Remora Stealth Drones
DRONES: 2xDX-4 Tech Drones, 59x Gun Drones, 2xHeavy Gun Drones, 2x Marker Drone, 9xShield Drones
TURRETS: 2xSensor Towers, Missile Defense Sentry Turret
CURRENT STATUS: Awaiting deployment pending reinforcements
CURRENT LOCATION: Security Orbital near Kel'Shan, Perdus Rift

Having fought a variety of enemies of the Greater Good, this Kavaal Cadre has been chosen to spearhead new colonisation efforts.
Three Aun and a number of Por are accompanying them in case negotiations are required.
Significant reinforcements are en route, and once the cadre has been resupplied and reinforced it will set course for new worlds.
Despite being from N'Dras, commander Shadow of Dawn has earned a reputation that has led him to be supplied with a number of experimental battle suits and other equipment that is normally reserved for other commanders.
As such, he will be trialling XV-8x variants, the battle suits of commanders R'Alai & R'myr, as well as field trialling extensive use of XV-9 variants.

Ice Bear

Some gym stuff...

I am a big believer in supplements to make you faster, bigger, stronger, better!
Currently I'm taking a break from the supps (cycling is supposedly recommended ;)), but I still take Maximuscle Cyclone before and after training.
I have started taking Isatori H-Blocker & PWR before working out and Isatori 3-XL after weight training now.

I haven't used those three products in a while, so I am looking very much forwards to seeing if there will be any noticeable differences.
I first used these products a few years ago, 2009 I think, and I did notice a considerable change in musclemass, so I am looking forwards to seeing how things go.

Interestingly, I've been using it Monday-Wednesday, and my workouts have been totally immense. To the point where yesterday, I felt like I was sore all over from stiff muscles and DOMS. I went towards the gym, but felt too tired and sore to go, and I had a fair bit of stuff to do before heading off to Berlin tonight.
the interesting thing here is that I did take the above supplements before leaving work, and by the time I got home, all muscle soreness was gone. Very interesting.
It did return later, but it appears that either H-Blocker, PWR or the combination of them removes DOMS for a period...
I shall have to investigate further.