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Geek Alert...

Look away now if blatant geekines offends you
nailbug should be coming around soon, so I thought I'd do a quick update about what I've been up to recently.

My switch over to a full and proper Windows 2000 domain with full Active Directory capabilities in Win2K native mode went surprisingly smoothly. This is powered by Win2K Advanced Server on a P4 1.6ghz with 256mb RAM. This is also my internet gateway and webhost.
My 4 main pcs (Win2K Pro) have all been added to the domain and logs on automatically each morning so I'm woken up by streaming Danish Radio and my e-mail is freshly downloaded and ready to be checked. Now if only I could get it to make toast for me...

I am now contemplating making the test domain I have for my MCSE training, a child domain of the main one. Purely in the name of research.

Also, because I'm so bloody clever, I managed to not loose any settings at all on any of my pcs, and my new server is noticably quieter, which is nice as I occassionally try to sleep in that room. Bizarrely the one I used to use suddenly got a lot more noise when I installed Service Pack 4 a while back. Peculiar.

Sanctuary only had around 5 or so minutes downtime, due to my clever planning, although there was a brief moment of panic before I relised that the reason why it the site couldn't be reached was due to me not having lowered the security setting so everyone could view it, only authenticated users. This has obviously now been fixed, but please report any problems to me asap.

Those of you with FTP access to my machine might experience some issues, please message me if you are so I can have a look at it. Don't suffer in silence... :) And since I now have a lot more space, I'll be ripping a bunch of cd's over the weekend and adding them to my mp3 folder.

That's pretty much all the stuff I've been doing geekwise lately. And of course I've been studying. I'm nearly finished with the Active Directory Services part and have scheduled the exam for Monday @ 1300 hours...

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