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Well, Sanctuary rocked totally and thoroughly.
Definitely one of the best ones yet (And that's saying something considering how good the average Sanctuary is (: ).
Spent a bit of time geeking with nomunters.
Discussed actors, Lovecraft, literature and RPGs with topuzz and ticking_fool.
Got a bit tipsy, and the rest is a bit of a haze until it was all over.
A bunch of us then went back to fpjudderlord's abode where doc_nocturne and Dolly Matt tried repeatedly to molest me. Considering that those two put together have about the same bodymass as I have it could be claimed that it was rather foolhardy of them, and smackdown was promptly delivered. Repeatedly :)
And was jolly good fun though and the bruises I have now are getting really interestingly colourful.
It should be admitted though that for about 5 seconds they nearly had me. The might be tiny (compared to me), but it was a bit of an advantage that they had a total of 4 hands to try to hold me down with. Unsuccessfully though >:-)
A bit of playful wrestling really is a good way to finish off a good night.

And thanks to a company called Booze 4 U we got a nice crate of beer to last us the night.

Eventually a guy from York, some half-dane/half-English and myself went scavenging for food and ravaged a nearby bakery. Mmmm, Croissants and chocolatery type pastry for breakfast :) Yummie.
Went back, chilled out, fell asleep, woke up and went home after a while.

So all in all quite excellent.
I'm now gonna head down to the Swan for a pint with felch_02 and then head off to lhawksey's engagement party. If we can find it... :)

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