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My worst nightmare come true

I was actually going to post a long rant about how dumb and annoying most of our end users are, but something much worse has come to light/
I have ........ Bedbugs
The most loathsome and feared pestilence I have ever come across.
Well, that's what I get for working with so much garbage and filth in human form. Some people call them scallies. The lowest form of Liverpudlian you'll ever come across.......

This also brings my trip to London this weekend into question, as I wouldn't want to risk it spreading to my friends. On the other hand, I think I might have caught them so early that I might not bring them down with me......
If I'm really lucky they might even be gone already, although I'm still gonna chuck out the Duvet and pillows.....

At least I've just been paid. And now have £138 for the next month...... Ouch

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