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Today has been such a non-day.
Work was a hassle as there wasn't anything I could fix, but I still had to go and do stuff for people. Annoying.
In my lunchbreak I went to across the water and got Angel Fall First by Nightwish and Malleus, Book two in the Eisenhorn trilogy from Games Workshop. It's almost a shame I don't play Warhammer: Fantasy Battle anymore.
I also bumped into lhawksey and krazyjane who had just passed some people protesting against some pikey shops sale of fur. As much as I agree with them, I would have felt like a hypocrite if I had supported them due to the amount of leather I was wearing...
But at least it wasn't the usual godbotherer.

Back at work, I was suddenly tempted to get myself a camera as I could use one,

Thankfully work finished, and I'm now full of pepperoni pizza and listening to the Das Boot soundtrack which had arrived today.

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