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It would appear that I'm SUSsed out :)

I have installed and configured the Microsoft Software Update Services server on one of my two servers. Configured it and it's currently downloading a tremendous amount of updates. Obviously there's no real need for me to do this as I keep all my machines patched and secure (It's hardly a secret that I'm a total fascist when it comes to security) so normally updates are a trivial matter, but sometimes I do re-install Windows from scratch...
It would be nice though, if I could tell it not to download updates for Windows XP and Windows 2003 as I don't use either and I have no intention of installing that rancid pile of moose-dung called XP as it annoys me.

Also, it could be useful to have a machine at work set-up like this so I don't have to spend much time installing patches next time we get a virus.
Notice the lack of an "if"...
Despite two virii in a month there's still no plans for regular anti-virus updating or Windows security patching. But what the heck, we bill the client extra for that so I guess that would be why.
Obviously I keep my own workstation patched to the hilt, so at least I avoid it. Largely...

Also, did anyone else by any chance notice that it was hideously slow to download stuff from Microsoft earlier today?
I couldn't get more than about 1kb/s although I could download fine from other websites...
There has been nothing on The Register and their website was fast as per usual. Odd.
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