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Nicked from purplehez

Birthday: 1st of March
Piercings: Tongue, right nipple, prince Albert and a couple of earrings. (All gone now though).
Tattoos: None
Height: 192cm (About 6'2" I think).
Weight: About 100kg
Shoe size: European 43
Eye colour: Clear Blue
Hair colour: I'm naturally blond but dyed it black. It's now mostly grown out with streaks of reddish and orangeish in it (Or so I've been tol).
Hair length: It *was* down to around my shoulderblades, but I've cut it to about shoulderlength. If I had a clipper I might have taken it all off just for the hell of it...
Siblings: One sister and one brother. Both older
Pets: None

Film you rented: Goddamned. That's over a year ago and I really can't remember.
Film you bought: Das Boot, although I have bought Dick Turpin season one since then (But that's not a movie...)
Song you listened to: Leonard Cohen - Joan of Arc (Live). It's playing in the background right now...
Song that was stuck in your head: Badger, Badger, Badger, Badger, Badger, Badger, Badger, Badger, MUSHROOM! MUSHROOM!
Song you've downloaded: Don't know, it's been a while since I last downloaded mp3's. Probably something with Pentangle.
CD you bought: Nightwish - Oceanborn
CD you listened to: Nightwish - Oceanborn
Book you read: Terry Prathett - The Globe
Person you've called: Dunno, felch_02 to see why he was so bloody late in coming to the pub.
Person that's called you: Not sure, ut it would've been someone from work.
TV show you've watched: Bremner, Bird and Fortunes Iraq special back in January or February.
Person you were thinking of: A mate of mine in London when thinking of who the last person I called was :</font>)

You have a bf or gf?: Nope
You have a crush on someone?: Nope
You wish you could live somewhere else?: Yes, Londinium
You think about suicide?: Nope
You believe in on-line dating?: Well, yeah, it exists... Don't know if I could/would do it though.
Others find you attractive?: some do, some don't...
You want more piercings?: Can't be bothered...
You want tattoos?: when I one day find one I will be totally happy with, sure.
You drink?: Yes, occasionally.
You do drugs?: Rarely, but it has been known to happen
You smoke?: Used to. Trying to quit.
You like cleaning?: Nope
You like roller coasters?: Yup
You write in cursive or print?: Either, depends on how I feel.
You carry a donor card? I have one somewhere, and I think it's in my wallet.

Long distance relationships?: They can be ok for a short while, but I wouldn't want one for a long time.
Using someone?: Against. I like to think that I don't do it...
Suicide?: Selfish and unnecessary. One should be strong and tackle the problems instead of letting them tackle you...
Killing people?: Mostly against, but in a situtation where I had to choose between my friends and someone else...
Teenage smoking?: Smoking is a nasty habit at any age.
Doing drugs?: In moderation and with knowledge of what you do, help yourself...
Premarital sex?: Fanr, for ;)
Driving drunk?: Against. Should be treated like attempted murder...
Gay/lesbian relationships?: Go for it, whatever floats your boat...
Soap operas?: I don't watch them, but I don't mind if others do. Even if they are rancid piles of guano.

Food(s)?: Spicy is good. And I really like pasta.
Song?: I haven't got one favourite, and it also depends on my mood...
Thing to do?: Play with computers, sex (Preferably with others) and relaxing.
Thing to talk about?: Geeky stuff, politics and religion.
Sports?: Martial arts
Drinks?: Beer, Whisky and water
Clothes?: Black :
Films?: Sci-fi
Band?: I haven't got one favourite, and it also depends on my mood...
Holiday?: Hard call, but I'm tempted to say either X-mas in Germany or a quiet weekend on The Isle of Man
Cars?: Aston Martin

Ever cried over a girl/guy?: Yup
Ever lied to someone?: Back when I was a kid, yeah, not anymore though. With the possible exception of when I have to speak to the client at work as the truth would get me sacked...
Ever been in a fist fight?: Heh, nope, not since the school playground.

Shampoo do you use?: Head and Shoulders
Cologne do you use?: None
Shoes do you wear?: New Rock
Are you scared of?: The usual stuff. Insects and arachnids

Of times you have been in love?: Twice (Possibly three, but I'm still undecided if it was an infatuation)
Of times you have had your heart broken?: Not sure what would really classify here, so once or twice...
Of hearts you have broken?: Ouch, not sure but I'd guess two...
Of girls you have kissed?: 16
Of continents you have lived in?: 2
Of drugs you have taken illegally?: Speed, weed (Various types), heroin, Ecstacy
Of people you would classify as true, could trust with your life friends?: Three
Of people you consider your enemies?: None that I know personally...
Of people from high school that you stayed in contact with?: One
Of times your name has appeared in a newspaper?: Two, maybe three times.
Of scars on your body?: Only one that I can think of.
Of things in your past that you regret?: Quite a few, but I'd rather regret something I did, than something I didn't do...
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