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Quick weekend write-up:

Friday was Sanctuary which was good as always. Disturbingly there were some people whom I really can't remember were there. Slightly disturbing considering that I didn't drink all that much... Apologies to anyone who felt I ignored them, I probably wasn't aware of your presence...
Saturday I went to The Swan to thoroughly whup lhawksey's arse in Chess. Misson accomplished and wuggy and some other goth decided they also wanted to taste defeat by my l33t C|-|3s5 Skillz :) Handed a bunch of Midian flyers over to jasedenton and sistercarrion for further disribution.
I also gave them their engagement present from nailbug who sadly couldn't join us...
sistercarrion, jasedenton, wuggy and myself then went to get some chinese food from Yuet Ben. It wasn't too bad, but my appetiser was somewhat tastier than my main course, so I think I'll just have two of those if I go again.

Sunday I went to The Tate Gallery with nailbug. Feel free to call me a philistine, but I think it's safe to say that I find most modern art to be rather pants.

Today I've mostly been doing sweet FA. I have however gotten around to updating my list of movies, and the open source fascists can also get a html version.

Hmm, bed time soon I think...

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