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So, what have I been doing lately:

  • Gigging

  • Birthday drinkies

  • Swanning

  • Relaxing

  • Shopping

  • Taking the piss

  • Playing games

Since it's been awhile, I must harken back to last Wednesday when I went to see Sykotic Tendencies, Psychophile and Pro Jekt. all three bands were good, but had their flaws. Musically I'd say that Sykotic Tendencies were best, but one man bands are a bit too much like karaoke for my taste. He should get some dancers at least... Psychophile and Pro Jekt were ok, but both seemed to lack something to really make an impression. But as always, the main thing is that the company was good, and it certainly was...
Too many LJ'ers for me to even attempt to list them all.

Thursday is gone and I have no idea what I was doing.

Friday I was meant to go to The Swan with felch_02, phantomsophie and others, but I had forgotten about a birthday bash which I had promised I'd go to a few weeks in advance, so I went there instead. Much fun was had, and a few people hit the herbal relaxants a bit too hard a bit too early and were the subject of much laughter later on. The hostess, Yazmin, had planned a 6 course indian vegetarian meal, but as she was also rather inebriated and stoned help was required :) The food which did make it's way to the hungry hands in a cooked state was rather good.

Saturday I went to get a couple of DM cd's and a couple of games. I didn't actually plan this, but I accidentally found myself in HMV where I simply had to get a few cd's and a dvd I was missing. Virgin was just as terrible and tempted my to get Icewind Dale and The Frozen Throne. Later, nailbug came to my place and we made our way to The Swan to meet up with felch_02 and some WINOLJ's. Card playing, beer, JD and fun was had...

Sunday nailbug went to meet her other ex and I continued with the games I had bought, while watching some of all the movies I'd downloaded in the past month or so, but not actually watched yet.
The joy of having two machines next to eachother. I am watching Heavy Metal 2000 while writing this :)

Monday nailbug came around again as my place is somewhat closer than to her work than hers is. It's nice to know I have some uses :)

Work has been boring as always, but I've been making up for it recently by taking three hour lunch breaks. And it's not like anyone is going to notice anyway.
It has also been more or less confirmed that my site will be closing on the 31st of October, which means that I should be transferring down to Londinium in the beginning of November. Yay, go me. With a bit of luck, this should be my last three weeks here in the Hellmouth. This also means that I may have to give Whitby a miss this time. And as I can't find my tickets anyway, it doesn't really matter too much.
It will be weird but nice to be back :)
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