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Oi, what's been happening.....

So, what have I been doing lately?
Not much really.
Let's do a recap on a day by day basis:

Spent the evening/night trying to kill bedbugs, sprayed industrial strength insecticide and did some laundry so I could be sure not to bring any infected items with me to London. I also wrapped my mattress in cling-film packaging which I borrowed from work. It is completely airtight, and I gave the mattress a good bit of spraying first. Die bedbugs, die, die ,die!!!!!
Finally went to bed much too late in the night/early in the morning depending on your point of view

Was knackered at work, but managed to find a B&B (In N13) to stay in, so that I didn't risk infecting my friends place with bedbugs. I'm pretty sure I wasn't contagious at that point, but I'd rather pay the extra bit of cash (£54,for three nights. Not bad for London) and reduce the risk of infecting my friends..... But anyway, left work an hour early to catch the Virgin Train to London, and it actually managed to get me to Euston without delays (Quelle surprise). I tried to take the tube up to Woods Green so I could book into my B&B, and that's where the party ended. Signal failure meant that I then had to grab a cab up to Palmers Green to get to the B&B, and after a rather hurried check-in, I was on my way down to Victoria and a bar called Zander. There I met up with an old friend from my days on the Olivetti Technical Hell-desk and a two other Danes from a Yahoo group I'm a member of. The bar was hideously expensive (I'm used to Liverpool prices) but I have to admit that the cocktails were good, and they weren't stingy with the alcohol in them :D
After a few drinks I went to meet some other friends in Garlic & Shots. I didn't realise exactly how drunk Rachel was until she had asked me 3 times where I was staying *g*. After she had been ill, Andy, her and I went back to their place where Andy sat and talked for a while.

Got up rather late and stayed at Andy and Rachels place and chilled all day until I went back to the B&B. We had planned on going to Slimes, but Rachel felt a bit too delicate, and I usually come down to London to see my friends, not necessarily to go out. We also had a rather long discussion about the rights and wrongs of downloading mp3's and sharing them with the world.

Was much the same as Saturday, but without the mp3 discussion. Instead Andy and I killed some baddies :).

I checked out of the B&B, and went to meet Rachel. We then went to Camden as I needed to get my New Rocks fixed. At some point during the weekend, the metal bit at the back had broken. Three minutes and a fiver later I had had it replaced. I was sorely tempted to get another pair, but thankfully my inability to decide on a pair meant that it got too late for me to get some anyway which was probably for the best. I really can't justify the outlay at the moment. We went to The Devonshire Arms where Andy joined us after Uni. We had a drink, and we then went to Game so Andy could get the PS2 he wanted to spend his birthday money on. I got Battle Isle: The Sandosian War for 99 pence :). I haven't played it yet though, but I doubt I'll be as addicted to that as I am with StarCraft. I then went to Euston to catch the train back to Scaly-Hell-Hole. I then spent all night watching the Buffy, Angel and Enterprise episodes which had been downloaded while I was away. In between those, I sprayed some more to make sure all the bedbugs are dead.

Went to work and was knackered all day. Didn't matter though, as there was FA to do. Went to Tesco on my way home and got a shitload of chocolate for a friend of mine in Denmark who really really miss Cadbury. Spent an hour on the phone to my dad which was nice. He's just been to the hospital with pneumonia which can be pretty bad at his age :(. I hate to admit it, but I somehow doubt he'll be around that much longer, but then again, my sister and I have thought that for a long time, and he's still going so maybe we'll be lucky. He also gave me the url for my brothers website. That was quite nice to have a look at. Very well done. Clean layout, with easy to find information and links.

Anyway, I don't see how any of this would be of interest to anyone, but hey, someone might read it and realise that their life is a bit interesting... :)
At least I feel quite productive actually writing this much.......

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