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Have had a beer related accident....
Stayed in The Swan for far too many hours with felch_02 and various other people of ill repute.
Also spent way too much time in bed this morning, but since nailbug was there, it wasn't a bad decision.
Problems with WINOLJ friends in Londinium is bad :(
Will be there from Wednesday through to Saturday to try to help them out and keep spirits high. Failing that, we'll be imbibing lots of spirits.
Still haven't got an exact date for when I'll be transferring down, so there will soon be two goths looking for shelter darn sarf...
Also had an accident in HMV involving PJ Harvey and Enigma. Ooops. I should really be saving for London.

Will now go and see another WINOLJ friend in The Pilgrim.

And let's all cheer nailbug on for her walk for Polar Bears tomorrow.
Polar bears+++ :) They're cute.

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