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The last few days in work has been a bit weird.
Due to the office closing (Yesterday) there has been an atmosphere like in a funeral home. People has been pottering about gethering stuff, throwing stuff away and just looking around. Oh well, after two years there it felt a bit like an era has ended. Especially since I started there shortly after it first opened...

Thursday I went to see some friends, and on the way (And earlier that day) there was random scallies throwing fireworks around. Not at me though. And it wasn't legal fireworks either. It was the big (Illegal?) fireworks. This annoyed me greatly, and it was with no small amount of amusement that I noticed that there was no fireworks going off on my way home. There was, however, a number of ambulances driving around :) Maybe some of them will have learnt a lesson by now.

Sanctuary last night was good. Unfortunately due to flu, tiredness and having to get up early today, I left earlier than I would have liked. It was good to say goodbye to peeps and dispense a last few words of wisdom. Particularly to one angry young man in particular who has now been advised to relax and try not to get worked up over stuff which is largely un-important. you know who you are...
It was also good to meet someone I've had a few e-mail exchanges with about political stuff. Phwoar she was muchly cuter than her Yahoo profile picture :)
Hmm, maybe another month up here wouldn't have been such a great tragedy :)

Got home and fell asleep while watching Equilibrium again. That movie truly rocks. The Wachowsky brothers should watch those fight scenes and make some notes :)

But anyway, I'm now packing and getting ready to take a train down south...
I can honestly say that I will never miss Liverpool, but I will miss some people...
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