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Metallers in the mist...

Yesterday I managed to get my disease ridden body onto a train and down to London. The three hour journey stretched into a lazy five hours, but that didn't really surprise anyone it seemed.
Managed to squeeze onto the underground with my three bags and arrived in Palmers Green to much jubilation from my friends. Got a ready and went out to The Crow Bar first and then decadence in Gossips.
The Crow Bar was nice, but I resent having to pay to get into a pub, and the service was terribly slow. But at least they had decent beers. The decor was pretty nice too as it was wallpapered with comics.
Hooked up with a few other people there who followed us to Decadence...

Decadence was a bit dismal. The music was all cock-rock which I'm not too keen on, but they did play a few good tracks. Unfortunately, whoever runs the place seems to believe that air-conditioning is something that happens to other people. It was uncomfortably hot, and it was incredibly humid. Not particularly nice. But they had decent beers, so that was something at least.

Throughout the night I managed to eat three hot-dogs from the unlicensed burger vendors, and I was fine. Yay go Stomach of Steel™ :)

And I got a monthly travel card. When I pay this much for transport, I know I'm in London.

I also managed to win £10 in a bet due to my extensive knowledge of all things Kylie ;)

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