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House hunting a-go-go:

I went with Andy to have a look at a shared house yesterday. The rooms were alright, but a little bit on the pricey side. Very close to the tube though, and the rooms were of a decent size, so I would gladly pay the extortionate London prices. The people already there had another person coming around to see the rooms, so we don't know yet whether they would want us. And in any case, it's the two interesting people who are moving out. We have another two viewing tonight. I think both are immediately available which would be good. They're both two bedroom flats, which would probably suit us better. We'll see how it goes.

Friday we made a last minute decision to stay in and chill instead of being out and about. Very nice and very relaxing.
Saturday I went to Garlic & Shots to see Camilla, a WINOLJ friend from Denmark, who's over here to testdrive a new bf. So far he seems to have passed muster. He came along as well and seemed like a decent enough chap. Bizarrely he's from the same small village in Denmark I'm from. Amusing co-incidence, but then again, million-to-one-chances usually happen nine times out of ten.

Sunday was mainly occupied by bringing a herbal relief package to the bottom of the Northern Line.

Am now at work and already immensely bored. Still waiting to hear which client I will be sent to, and when...

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