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It would appear that the landlord of a fantastic place Andy and I went to see yesterday is hesitantly accepting our offer. Glorious. £390 a month might stretch me a bit, but hey, it'll do for now. and it really is a luxurious house.

Lunch today was a dismal failure. I was lured to the nearest Tesco which turned out to be quite a trek to get to, and once there it had absolutely nothing of interest. I hurried back to the Sainsburys which is just around the corner from the office, but sadly it was so late that I had to console myself with a sandwich and orange juice instead of the tasty potato and penne salad I have ben enjoying recently. Grrr, Snarl.
I can't be bothered staying til 17:45 so I think I'll head off as soon as I have finished replying to comments...

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