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I'm about to finally disconnect my pc and move it to my new place.
Naturally this means that I won't have internet access at home for a while, but hopefully this will be remedied fairly quickly.
It also means that anyone who wants to get hold of me will have to either text or call me.
But preferably not after 3am like someone did not too long ago...

And since I haven't really made any worthwhile entries for a while, I think I'll make some bullet points to show what I did in the past month or so:

  • Had a rather pointless 2 week holiday where I played Starcraft, surfed the net and did almost nothing else.

  • I also developed a habit of getting up at 15:00 - 17:00 which was rather nice.

  • Went for drinks with faerierhona, which was very pleasant. Present was also a rather psychotic french woman (And a few more normal people) which was entertaining...

  • Picked up some gloves and a scarf my dad had sent me.

  • Borrowed a laptop so I can still come around here for broadband access when I can be bothered...

  • Went to see elfenkind + so for a bit of x-myth food and pleasant company

Hmm, It would appear that I have in fact done almost nothing this month worth writing about.

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