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Operation Scouserossa is complete.

Yesterday I popped up to Liverpool and picked up all my stuff and brought it down to London. The driver and I did get worried towards the end when we were packing all my gear into the van that there wasn't enough space. I didn't realise I had that much crap.
I should probably point out that I didn't bother going to bed NYE, so I was a bit knackered today as we didn't finish offloading the van until around 1am. And I had to get up at 8:30 for work, so... Ouch
Today I've been throwing stuff away like mad and trying to make my room look nice.
My soft toys are about to go on the mantel piece.
My computers are being arranged.
Broadband has been ordered and should be in place soonish.
Books are being arranged.
And best of all, I have my big comfy and warm duvet again :)

I also finally have my replacement contacts which is good since I've been wearing my current pair for nearly two months and three weeks. It'll be nice to have a fresh pair in my eyes again.

I also have a spare Nick Cave cd (And No More Shall We Part) if anyone wants it. penguin_worship has first dibs though (If you're still interested)...
I'm also a bit concerned that I might not be able to fit all my pc's in, but we'll see what I can do.

And tomorrow I'm gonna go and buy a hair clipper.
I think some of you know what that means...

And now I'm gonna go and get some chine foo :)

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