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I may not have broadband yet, but I thought I'd better make an update just to prove I'm still here and doing stuff, however
little it might be.
In brief, I have:

Started doing weights and healthy stuff again
Tried to get a raise
Been upgrading all my machines to Windows XP
Been pretending to work (Which is appropriate since they pretend to pay me)
Thoroughly screwed up my server
Sorted out my finances
Unsuccessfully tried to find a license key for Windows Server 2003
Considered learning more about GNU/Linux
Grown my beard even more :)

For your convenience, I've put it all behind cut tags, because I'm considerate that way...

Since I finally have all my stuff from Liverpool, and cleaned up my room, I have managed to start my weightlifting program
again. This is very good. Especially since I've practically been living o take-away and pizza for the past two months. This
has caused a noticeable decrease in musclemass, while my weight has stayed nearly the same... Ouch. This will have to be
remedied immediately. And since I now live on the groundfloor, I have more options in the health department than I did in
Liverpool. I might even join a gym in the near future if I decide to stay with my current employer.

It would appear that I might be successfull in getting a raise, and maybe even a decent sized one. I fired off a nice little
e-mail reminding my HR representative that it's about time that I had my pay-review since I'm still on my old Terms &
Conditions from when I worked for 7C Ltd up in Liverpool. I then also reminded him of the fact that as I live London now,
shouldn't I be getting a London weighting. He then called me, and sounded surprised that I hadn't been offered a proper CGE&Y
contract and London weighting. He said he would get right on it and let me know how it goes. The main reason for this is
actually that the bigger my current salary is, the bigger a salary I can ask from a new employer. My main plan at the moment
is to batten down the hatches so to speak, and get the rest of my MCSE sorted. I should be able to get CGE&Y to pay for at
least some of the exams, and once I have a full MCSE, I'm gonna try to find a new job. I'm simply to fed up with outsourcing.
The incompetence and waste of the clients money pisses me off on a daily basis.
It's not so much that my company is evil (It is, but that's besides the point), it's just that they've been hired to do
something, and naturally there's no way that anything beyond that gets done unless they see some good hard currency coming
their way. Pathetic.

But anyway... I have decided that although I'm getting paid to know about Windows, it's time to try to get to grips with
Linux. Once I have my MCSE, I'm gonna get rid of all my windows installations, and run Linux on all my machines.
That should be interesting.
If I didn't already know that FreeBSD runs away in terror at the sight of the hardware in my machines, I'd try that as well,
but alas, it isn't to be.

But before all that happens, I've put XP on all my machines. Strangely all the annoynces I had up in Liverpool with XP has
gone away. Odd. I also wanted to put a Windows Server 2003 on my network as a domain controller, but I couldn't find a bloody
license key. Grrr. At first I thought, "Hey, no biggie, I'll just have a workgroup for the time being", but no. That wasn't
to be either. It turns out that an amusing, and admittedly insecure, idiosynchrocity (sp?) in Windows 2000 has been fixed in
XP. In Win2K any user account could access any other machine where an account existed with the same username/password
combination. Sadly this has been fixed (To an extent) in WinXP, so now I really need to set a machine up as a domain
controller so I can copy files around from machine to machine with gay abandon. A slight annoyance, but I don't really see
what I can do to get around it.
And in a rather bodged attempt at re-installing Win2K Advanced Server, I've ended up in a situation where the installation
simply doesn't want to recognize the first 8mb on my harddrive. I know that 8mb is a pretty trivial amount of space,
especially on a 200gb hard disk, but we wantsss it. We wants the precious 8mb. I want it all dagnabbit.
And for some reason, the partition with all the files I want to keep has suddenly become my C: drive and windows wants to be
installed on either D or F. most peculiar, and another reason why I shouldn't try to do this kind of thing when I'm really
I have, in any case, given up now. I'm backing up all the stuff on the harddrive, and then I'm gonna format and re-partition
the entire bloody thing. It should be happy I'm not gonna commit screwdriver on it. Grrr.

On a brighter note. With a tiny bit of luck, this month (Or possibly next month) should see the last of my credit card debt
disappear. Yay. Go me. Once that's done, I'm only gonna use it for broadband and the occassional special thing. I'm not gonna
use it on a daily basis...

I haven't manage to find the exact clipper I was loooking for, so my beard is still growing majestically. Yay.

I think that's about it really.

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