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Fridays festivities were resolved peacefully which I am naturally quite pleased with. My friend and the
other chap sat down and discussed their differences. The other guy managed to loose two friends and a
mate in one fell swoop, and is well aware that if he ever starts something in my home again, the police
will be called immediately. The only reason why I haven't already done so, is due to my friend Andy
asked me not to. This other chap certainly don't want the cops involved due to his rather shady
circumstances, whereas I have nothing to hide from anyone.
This whole incident is yet another reason why I keep my distance from wannabe criminals.
However, the whole thing has hopefully now been resolved without any further unpleasantries.

Today I went shopping :)
I desperately needed some new shirts and got some. Amongst others a rather nice black one which goes
fantastically with my blood red tie. Mmmm, tres gothique.
And the shop assistants were very helpful, which brings me to my shopping trip to Camden.
Why must the shop assistants there badger me to annoyance with their pleas that I spend my hard earned
money? I was standing in Scorpio Shoes trying to decide between a couple of pairs of New Rocks and the
guy there just kept badgering me. When I asked what I was looking for, I responded that I was just
looking and thank you very much. Maybe it was an accident that I told him my shoe size when asked, but
when told that I'll decide later, why did he go and get a pair I could try on? Was there anything I said
that was unclear? Maybe I wasn't terse enough? Grrr. And if I hadn't been annoyed by their persistence,
I would happily have bought one or two pairs as I really couldn't decide which pair I like better. Grrr.
Annoying. And of course I couldn't find either pair anywhere else.
That didn't really matter though, as salesmen in other shops were nearly as annoying.
Time to start searching the net for nice shoewear.
On a sidenot, in a few shops where I was not annoyed by pestering assistants, I did find potential
birthday pressies for nailbug, so I'll be going back tomorrow to see if I can find them again.
She should hopefully be coming down on Friday which will be nice as I haven't seen her for nearly three

In the evenimg I was meant to go and see elfenkind and her SO, but sadly she was in the middle of a volume expansion on an NT4 server which went horribly wrong, and ended up staying at work till around 23:00. Ouch. Had a nice chat with Oliver (Her so) instead.

I'm now watching Star Trek: Nemesis. Mmmm, Gates McFadden, Mmmmm. It's not as pants as I have been led to believe and well worth seeing, but I must admit that the camera movement is rather annoying. And it isn't very... Exciting. Hmm...

Before that I watched X-Men 2, and I have to ask: Am I the only one who thinks that Mystique is actually rather sexsie with that blue skin and funny marks/growths?
And with the ability to pause the movie, I noticed a lot more references to other mutants know from the comics than I had earlier. Looks promising.

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