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The last few days have been nice.
I had Friday off which I spent getting to Bermondsey to pick up not only nailbug's birthday pressie but also my own little pressie for myself. I had to change at Westminster tube station, which is now my favorite tube station.
It's really nice with concrete alcoves with wire mesh, non-blinking strobe lights and lot's of concrete and metal pipes running across the length of the rooms. Very post-modernistic/cybery. Well worth a visit.
I also had my induction at the gym I've joined. I'm now looking forwards to regaining some of all the musclemass I've lost in the past few months.

nailbug arrived in the evening, ready to spend a relaxing weekend in Londinium. Saturday was spent walking around Camden, showing nailbug all the shops which she took as an opportunity to get rid of loadsa dosh. Show a woman a shop, and shop she will... :)
We tried unsuccessfully to get to Mamma amalfi in Bayswater in time to have a nice meal there, but sadly they weren't accepting anymore customers, so off to Bella Italia we went. I had a rather nice Linguine americana with a surprisingly large amount of meatballs. Mmmm.

sunday she had to leave much too early, but we did manage to pop by Camden so we could see if the Black Rose was open as nailbug wanted to get a t-shirt. Once more we were foiled so I got a nice pair of shoes instead.

With nailbug on the bus back to Liverpool, I went home and watched Stargate: SG1 for the remainder of the day.

All in all a good and productive weekend.

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