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And before I head off to the gym, I thought I'd just vent my spleen a bit more.

There's apparently a new virus/worm/trojan/whatever-you-wanna-call-it doing the rounds. And before the usual suspects start having a go at Windows users, how about changing the tune and having a go at the people who deserve it. Namely the users who can't be bothered to take even simple precautions...
The last time I had a virus/worm/whatever was back in '99, and that was due to being drunk. Remember kids, drinking while computing is dangerous, don't do it...

And while I'm on the subject...
I have to wonder whether I'm a social leper, or I only know people who know how to avoid virii and the like, 'cos when ever there's one of these outbreaks, I never seem to get more than one or two of these e-mails. Hmmm...

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