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nailbug has written a rather good account of our weekend in Barcelona, which may be found here
I will try to put some photos up soon. Promise. Maybe even this weekend.

And I have made a couple of observations recently.
It is tremendously amusing and ironic to see people walk out of the gym I've joined lighting up a smoke and drinking a can of coke. Kinda defeats the good one has just done.

It is rather amusing to see people wait for lifts without them realising that they haven't actually pressed the button which calls the lift.

Going to the gym is tremendously nice. I can't remember ever being this alert and awake in the morning before. Evar. I get up around 6:00. Head off for the gym about 7:00. Get there about 8:00. Work out til about 9:15 - 9:30 and then I go to work for 10:00. And it's great.
I've done it for three weeks now, and I'm loving it. I am also beginning to see the investment paying off in the expected manner.
And no, being surrounded by tightly/scantily clad wimmin first thing in the morning has nothing to do with my enthusiasm for the place.

However, there is a dark side to it as well. The play mainly R&B and hip-hop, and I'm slowly beginning to not mind it. And since I can't afford a mini-disc player or an MP3 player, I haven't got much choice about what to listen to...

I have also decided that my job bores me, and Jobserve would appear to be my best hope for salvation...

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