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Drinkies last night was great.
It was nice to finally meet so many of the people one had only seen pictures of before, and how lovely they were too

As soon as I arrived at the table where the others had assembled someone shouted 'Goff' and I was momentarily blinded by flashes.
themadcatlady's pictures are here. And she must have a magic camera, because I actually quite like those pictures.
That, or having a Goatee of Lesser Menace suits me better than having a Beard of Mighty Doom.

In any case, it was, although the beer was apparently watered down, and the Leffe was a bit too sweet for my taste. When you're as sweet as I am you don't need any more sweetness :) If I find myself in that pub again, I think I shall have to go for bottled stuff. A bottle of tequila for instance.

It was also amusing to see duster340, and he recognised me even though the only time he's met me I was nekkid. I have to admit though that he seemed familiar, but I didn't quite recognise him when I saw him.

So yes, good fun followed by spicy chicken wings and spare ribs when I got home :)

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