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Saturday was relatively nice with a work do to send of an Aussie who's returning to some nice beaches. Sadly the chosen place played shite music, but that's the danger of going out with others.

Sunday I went to see elfenkind + so and sat and chatted and had a rather nice curry. Said curry was sadly lacking in meat, but that's only to be expected when vegetarians offer you food. It was surprisingly tasty though.
I also managed to borrow an MP3 player, which supposedly only works with Win 98.
I'm now going to try to hammer it into submission. I will make it work with XP. That should provide me with a bit of good music for the gym...

I'm now looking forwards to next weekend when felch_02 and a few others come down and we will be having The Valentines Day Massacre 2004.
Friday was meant to be B-Movie, but that now looks unlikely. It looks more like to be Full Tilt instead. Something I'm not entirely happy about, but we'll see how it goes...
Saturday should be Slimes and Sunday will be recovery day...

Those are loosely the plans, and the looser they are, the less likely they are to be scuppered...

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