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Blessed is the Nurofen

14 goddamn years with no pain killers or medicine, and now a bloody wisdom tooth had to go and ruin it for me. I'll happily be the first person to admit that I am a disgustingly healthy person, and when ever I've had something, I've gone to bed and sweated it out.
But, I have met my match. My wisdom teeth. After three days of intense pain and almost no sleep, I decided to give in and got a 12 pack of Nurofen. The last time my wisdom teeth were acting up, I slammed a liberal amount of vodka down, but as I'm at work, I suspect that I'd better not do it this time...

In other news:
Operation Hairless Monkey: Phase 1 is complete.
I am now bald, and I must say that it looks a darn sight better than when I had long hair. IMNSHO that is...
First I gave it a number 1, then a number 0 and last Friday I gave it a wet shave.
I'll put a picture up when I get net access at home...
Tags: hairless monkey, pain

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