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Old Flesh, Replaced by Shiny Armour

New Thoughts, the mind expanding
Real Tasks, that are demanding
This Body is invincible
Perfection is the principle

The gym is going well, and I am in better shape than I have ever been, with the possible exception of when I was doing hard physical work in Israel. The above quote from Die Krupps' Iron Man is strangely ... Appealing at the moment.

I'm not going to write a full account of what I've been doing the past month as this entry would be far too long, but let's just say that this month has been in many ways rather uneventful.

I celebrated my birthday in my usual low-key way, by doing absolutely nothing exciting.
I did however get a rather cute cow from nailbug, and she also gave me a nice digital camera. Furthermore I got a Bill Hick biography from my housemate Andy.

With a bit of luck I may soon have a new job. I'll be doing stuff similar to what I'm doing now, but it won't be for Cap Gemini, and that's what counts...

I also came across a lost penguin :)

Strangely I can't find anything more to write about this month, so I guess it has been a slow one. And it guess that makes this a full account after all :)
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