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There are ill times ahead

Well, no. Actually they're behind me.
The lovely nailbug came down for a week over Easter, and although her company is always lovely she fell ill with the flu almost immediately upon arrival. Naturally I caught it off her rather quickly as my immune system is currently shot to pieces from all the painkillers I take due to my aching wisdom teeth.
The net result was that not much fun was had. Grrr.
I'm no almost well again, although I have yet to get my wisdom teeth torn out. Fortunately I have an appointment to have them looked at on Thursday and extracted the following Thursday.
Sadly that doesn't bode well for the weekend of drunken fun when felch_02 comes down, but hopefully I'll be well enough for both Alternator and Slimes.

The saga of my teeth has now taken a new turn. They don't actually hurt anymore, but since one of them is rather cracked, my gums have been rubbing against the jagged edges and have become rather sore. This has managed to spread down my throat so I now can't open my mouth more than about one centimeter without inducing excruciating pain. I also can't swallow anything solid without feeling like someone is ripping my throat out with barbedwire. Hence why I haven't really eaten since Thursday. And yes, I'm getting a bit peckish...
I can, however, eat Häagen-dazs, so not all is lost :)

This whole episode has left me wondering about dentistry in long ago times...
I can't help but wonder if tooth decay was the real reason for all the wars that has raged across this planet. After all, if wisdom teeth are so difficult to remove with todays technology how the hell did they do it in the days of yore? If I was a king of a country and in as much pain as I have been in recently, I would have been very tempted to go to war just to take my mind of my teeth.
Although I haven't been able to find any detailed information, I did manage to find a few amusing details about how things used to be done.

I'm also going to pretty darned broke by the end of this month (And possibly also next month) due to the cost of getting my teeth fixed. I have a dental plan via work which pay some of the cost, but nowhere near as much as I would like. I really must learn to save in the future.

In the absence of money and health, Hollywood came to my rescue. In the past I weeks I have seen the following:

Robin of Sherwood
It rocked just as much as I remembered :)

The Passion of the Christ
Surprisingly good. I don't quite see what all the fuss was about, but I enjoyed it.

Shaun of the Dead
Tremendously funny romantic comedy. With zombies. And it even gives a humorous nod to 28 Days Later (Another great British zombie movie.

13 Ghosts
I've seen it before, but I really like this movie. If you like haunted house movies you must see it. And even if you don't, you should still see it. Incidentally I also really like Matthew Lillards (Hackers, Serial Mom, Scream) work, so that's another reason for liking this movie.

Once Upon a Time in Mexico
Well, nailbug wanted to see Johnny Depp and I wanted explosions and people getting brutally slaughtered. Johnny Depp was definitely the highlight of this movie as a slightly psychotic CIA agent, but not really worth seeing unless you're a really big fan of the actors in this movie... Nowhere near as good as Desperado...

Ahh, now this was more like it. After nailbug had left I decided to see Desperado to make up for watching the above movie. Mmmm, lot's of big explosions and gunfights :)

Alien: Resurrection
I thought I needed something pleasant to fall asleep to, so I'll finish it tonight. amazing how a bit of make-up can make some one of Sigourney Weavers age look so good.

Bad Company
Now this was a surprisingly good action/comedy/spy movie. If you like action comedies, you really should go and see this movie. Much better than I expected.

Banzai Super Video Show
I got this for only £1.99 at the HMV clear-out sale. Yay. Lot's of Banzai I had never seen before :)

And now I think it's time for bed...

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