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Decisions decisions.
Since I have a new job, I'll be loosing the company phone I've been using since, well, forever nearly.
This means I now have to give some thought to what I need out of a phone.

Basically I would like it to look like a Nokia 6310i (Silver) or something along those lines.
Have bluetooth.
And be connectable to a pc via USB.
I quite like the 6650 except for that pathertic and irritating little antenna thing. Christ how could they do that? If they hadn't done that, it would have been a brilliant phone.

So tomorrow I'll go to Tottanham court Road and see if I'll be able to get a serial to USB adapter and see if I can get my company [hone connected that way.
And if I'm successfull, I'll just get another 6310i.
Who needs one of them fancy new phones anyway...

Oh well, at least there's only a bit over two weeks til nailbug comes down again for another much too brief visit.

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