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This was an amusing little thing to come across.

Death Penalty?:Against. It's a waste. Use the people for medical experiments instead :>
Prostitution?:Should be legalised.
Alcohol?:Ok in moderation
Other drugs?:legalise
Gay marriage?:legalise
Illegal immigrants?:The illegal ones ought to be sent home within limits, but we should prevent the need for people to brea the law
Smoking?:It's peoples choice
Drunk driving?:Same as attempted murder. Hand them over to Huntingdon Life Sciences
Cloning?:On the fence a bit.
Premarital sex?:Pro-Choice
Religion?:Organised religion is bad, personal religion is fine
The war in Iraq?:On the fence. It's good that Saddam is gone, it's bad that we were lied to.
Bush?:Yes, I'm not to keen on shaven
Downloading music?:Yes, I can't afford cd's unless they're on sale.
The legal drinking age?:There shouldn't be one.
Porn?:It's peoples choice...
Suicide?:Usually only for the weak and selfish and by and large we're better off without them.

What is your stand on..... brought to you by BZOINK!

With thanks to penguin_worship :)

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