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I've just finished eating a rather large bag of hazelnuts and now I'm feeling slightly bleurgh like.

In other news I've had one of my DVD's nicked. Or rather, a guy I lent it to had it nicked, so he gave me £25 instead. Fair deal I thought, and off to Virgin Megatores 5 for £30 I went :)
As a result, I'm now the proud owner of:
The Peacemaker
Dante's Peak
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark
Enemy of the State
I saw The Peacemaker earlier, and it was quite alright for an action movie. It entertained me, and that's all I require from what I refer to as 'Candyfloss For The Brain'™ :)

I'm now looking forwards to Van Helsing which will be out shortly. Ooooohhh, I am sooo looking forwards to that one.

Just like I'm also looking forwards to nailbug coming down for an entire week in May. That'll be nice.
And now I think I'll watch one of the other movies I bought.

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