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Quick weekend write up is in order I suppose.
Friday was relatively quiet with a few beers after work with some Danish people. Jolly good fun.

Friday naziboy and I tried to find some goths in Highbury, but I'm either a spakke or blind, 'cos we didn't find them in the only Whetherspoons we could find. So we went to Camden where we were later joined by faerierhona, vampwillow, zenmeisterin and a chap called Simon who may or may not have an LJ. As I'm still enjoying food more than usual due to not having wisdom teeth, so I gorged myself on pasta and buffalo wings. Mmmm. A great time was had although all too brief.
I find it odd though that a big animal like a buffalo can have such small wings.
Sunday naziboy and I met up with fuzzball and barry_hug_me in The Dev. I can't remember why, but all of a sudden naziboy and fuzzball decided to go and get a piercing.
Later we rented Basic which is good if you like courtroom dramas, but suck if you want big explosions.
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