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Ahhh, yet another weekend over, and tomorrow it's back to work.....
Didn't do much this weekend. Again.
Friday I got home from work, totally wrecked and vegetated until Buffy came on :)
Then I spent god knows how much time on irc.

Saturday I slept in till about 6pm, glorious :). Spent most of the night on IRC and chatting to mates on MSN and Yahoo. That was quite nice. I also played Starcraft intermittently throughout the night :)

Sunday I only stayed in bed till about 1500 hours :) Once again, spent the day on-line and played Starcraft against me housemates. It might not sound like much of a social life, but at least it's cheap, and I really really need to save some cash... :-/
Also decided that there was no point going to bed, so I stayed on #uk_goffs all night chatting to faithais, Electrod and a few others. I also finally rejoined a Danish chatroom for people listening to Danish Nightradio where I spent some time chatting to Mac4Ever. Also gave an LJ code to darkcraft.

Monday morning was spent continuosly chatting with the aforementioned people, and then watching some of the Angel and Buffy episodes I've been downloading. I guess I made myself a bit too comfortable as I accidentally fell asleep, and had a 3 or 4 hour nap. I guess I shouldn't have had such a scrumptuous breakfast. Spaghetti with cream of chicken soup and a couple of Frankfurter sausages :)
Mmmmm, Spent the evening playing Starcraft against a housemate. The tally was 2 - 2 :) Hmmm.

And now I'm writing this instead of going to bed :)
While going through the ID tags in my MP3 collection so they can be corrected......

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