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I have a bit of spare time, so maybe I should write a proper update :)
I feel that it's a bit late to write a deep and descriptive post about last weekend, but suffice to say that it was really really good. I met some really amazing people at the barbecue, many of whom I would say were great company and it really is a shame I don't seem to see them out and about. Especiall the ones who shared my love of soft-toy livestock ;)
I also noticed how hard it is to find people at Slimes who don't seem to have tremendous amounts of Issues™. A shame as well.
That was incidentally a recurring topic of conversation between spikey_bastard and myself (About how hard it is to find girls, who at lest seem normal. and when you do, you're usually seperated by cruel geography). Especially when comparing the lovely and normal seeming people at the barbeque with the still lovely, but also very very messed people we met after Slimes. Oh well, maybe when he moves down here we should have some barbecues as well...
Sunday was a bit of a non-event as I wasn't feeling to well, but that was entirely my own fault. At least I got to see a few more episodes of Robin of Sherwood. Who was using swords. On Battlefields. :)

I have also started working for a new company which seems for better than my old one. Tomorrow I will be going to one of our client sites where I will undoubtedly be worked halfway to death. It's a rather old and very well-regarded investment bank in Canary Wharf. Mmmmm, banks look good on CVs...
The tube journey may be a little bit longer than my current one, but I can use the time to study, so it's all good.
spikey_bastard has decided to move down to Londinium, so I'm currently trying to get him a job with the company I work for and since naziboy is about to move to Sweden to setup the Swedish branch office for the company he works for, there will be room available in the same house as me.
Good news have come in from a few other people as well, but they can tell it themselves as I don't know if they would want me to.

Things aren't going too well for a few others, so *hugs* to you and *pint* when I see you...

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