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Today was a good day :)

Met faerierhona, zenmeisterin and a few others (whose names escape me) for lunch at Bar Uno in Camden. After lunch and a brief wander we set off for Highgate cemetary. After much confused drivingaround, we eventually found it, but it sadly turned out to be closed.
Not to be thwarted, we went to the park next door (Waterlow?). Very pleasant and very civilized park wandering ensued. Lots of cute animals were seen and 'ooohhh'ed' and 'ahhhh'ed' at.
We were then alerted to the plight of a young bird which was stuck in something and couldn't get free. Unfortunately it was on an island so we couldn't get to it to free it, so we called the number on display at the gate to the park. Eventually some wardens showed up, but as they couldn't get to it either, they called the RSPCA. Around that time it was time for us to abandon the greenery, so we just had to hope taht they would get there in time to save the wee fowl.

I really must remember to bring my camera to these outings. If I had remembered, you could have seen pictures of faerierhonas love purple (velvet?) dress and flowery circlet, and also zenmeisterin looking like an industrial pimp :)

When I finally got home I had several choices about how to spend my evening:
I could move all my stuff to a different room in the house - Necessary, must be done soon.
I could go to Slimes - Could be fun, but I'm not really sure I'm in the mood.
Re-install Windows Server 2003 - My evaluation license expires in 30 days, and I haven't managed to find a 'proper' license key.
I could get indian take-away and watch Wasabi.
Lazy git that I am it wasn't much of a choice really.
Wasabi is fairly alright if you like Jean Reno and Luc Besson, but it wasn't really fantastic. Still, it was a decent way to spend a Saturday evening...

So yeah, all in all a good day...

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