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I'm about to unplug all my pc so I can move them upstairs to my new room.
And once I've done that, I gotta bring my big-ass desk upstairs. That's gonna be fun without help.#

I also think it's time to look for a new game to immerse myself in for a little while. I never got around to playing Discworl Noir even though I bought it, and I never managed to finish Icewin Dale: Heart of Winter as I forgot to save the game when I last re-installed windows :->
But actually I'm more tempted byone of the on-line RPGs, but I just can't decide which one, or whether it's worth the effort. I should really be studying, but I'm far too apathertic at the moment.

Oh well, let's see how long it takes before my PCs (and therefore internet connection) is up again.

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