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Well, last weekend was interesting in many ways, and I have some good thinking about a few things.
Basically I've set myself some goals, and made some decisions about how to go about them.

1) Fitness. First of all I want to get somewhat fitter. Once I have reached a level I'm happy with, I'm gonna look at my diet and get rid of superfluous fat. This is basically my number one goal this year, and it's done for my own selfish pleasure :)
2) Then I'll learn. I'm planning on spending some holiday time on just learning. Without work to distract me or take time, I should be able to study properly. This will probably happen in the latter part of the year and/or the beginning of next.
3) Money. Banking is where the money is at, and I'm seeing that first hand at the moment. Some of my colleagues are heading off to work directly for banks rather than an outsourcer and they are getting on average £15k more than they're currently on. I want a piece of that action :)
I will be looking into that in about 1 - 2 years time. My colleagues who are leaving have been here between 8 months and 2 years, so I should stand a chance.

To achieve these goals, I'll be giving up on a lot of things and I don't actually think I'll miss any of them. Well, one perhaps, but that's a sacrifice worth making.

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