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So, what have I decided to give up while I achieve my goals...

I'm bored with Slimes, and find that it's actually rather boring, and that's why I'm only going to go when I'm dragged along by someone.
I also can't be bothered getting muntered each time I go, so breaktime it is.
I will try out some of the other nights out at some point, but I don't know when.

I have decided not to bother keeping an eye out. I will probably end up donating my estate (fnar) to a bat or cat charity, but so be it.
I guess this last weekend was the last straw, and I really can't be bothered dealing with two-faced people anymore.
Maybe I'll start looking again in a couple of years time when I have achieved my lofty goals.

I'll probably also give up on a few more minor things such as unhealthy foods and drink, cigarettes and lazyness.
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