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As can be seen from my sparse updates there's not much interesting happening around here at the moment.

Last weekend I went to a birthday party which was full of Danes and a couple of rather pleasantly insane people (Yes dear, you really are a butterfly). Fairly sedate affair after which I had a rather nice walk from Embankment to Tower Bridge and back again. This can only be recommended, and doing it late at night is fantastic. The roundtrip took about three or four hours and I finally got home around 6 in the morning.

The week was mostly work, work-out, good food and sleep. My current health regime is paying good dividends. Woo yay.

Today was mostly spent walking around in Regents Park, reading my new book and watching I, Robot.
I, Robot was ok until halfway through the film when it became a bit boring and all the excitement was gone. The first half was marred by product placements which felt disruptive and pointless. There were also a couple of pointless sub-plots which were rather annoying. I don't feel cheated exactly at having paid to see it, but I won't be buying it when it comes out.
I'm now wathcing a good movie to make up for watching a less-than-decent one...

Also, I have decided that I will get fit enough to participate in next years London Marathon.

I have also managed to get myself into a situation where I'm nearly completely flat broke. Bummer that, but I'll live. I have food and a travel card, so I don't actually need money the rest of the month.
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