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Have Lurgy and don't feel like doing anything.

  • Nearly three weeks since my last real update and I haven't really done all that much.

  • Highlights include (But are not limited to):

  • Visit from spikey_bastard & posthuman_angel - WITH SWORDS!!! Also HONOUR!!!

  • B-Movie! My first B-movie, and good heavens did that just rock so incredibly much.

  • Slimes - An unusually good night at Slimes followed by:

  • The Dev - A good day/evening at The Dev. Oh dear, did mr_eleganza have a little bit too much beer? That led to:

  • Morden - I got to see Morden by night. Something I have no intention of repeating

  • fuck_m3_up's birthday - Fairly quiet and sedate. Also very very pleasant. Amusingly j_u_d_a_s challenged me to a drinking competition. Silly boy.

  • Another good friends birthday - Had a few drinks in Revolution where I had some deceptively good cocktails.

  • Back to the gym - My last gym finally pissed me off too much, so I have joined Holmes Place in Wood Green. I hardly went to a gym for three weeks, so I'm now trying to get back up a very steep hill, but I shall be there soon.

  • Lurgy - Had to take a day off work due to Lurgy. Grrr.

  • Developed a bad habit - Stargate: SG1. I have so far bought seasons 1 - 5 and as soon as I can get my grubby little hands in seasons 6 -7 the will be mine...

  • Last Monday was my 5th week without cigarettes. I suppose I should thank themadcatlady for recommending a good book which seems to have helped, and also my manager for reminding me of that book.

  • Made a new icon which I really think suits me as I love Ice-bears and I'm just a big bear myself

  • Saw an old friend who was down from Edinburgh and made arrangements for a trip up north...

If I have done anything else of note, I can't remember what it was, and I guess that means it wasn't actually worth mentioning...
Anyone who dares to point out that it's polar-bears and not ice-bears, had better be prepared to fight me ina duel like a true Klingon warrior :)

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