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Still have a bit of a lurgy, but it is subsiding at long last.
Pubmeet with eastlondongoths last night was great fun. And The Prospect of Whitby is a marvelous pub. The clientel left something to be desired as it was mostly the great unwashed, but the decor was gorgeous.
Lots of friendly and nice people, but alas, I didn't think to bring a camera, so until reddragdiva decides to post his pictures, you'll have to imagine the beautiful people.

Getting up at 5:50 this morning wasn't quite as much fun, but I had to work today.

And I have been struck down by a calamity. My washing machine has died. This is a shame as I had kinda planned on going to that dodgy techno club Slimes, but as I only have one clean sock left, I don't think I will.
I'm too tired anyway.
I think I'll watch a couple of episodes of Angel season 5 and go to bed.
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