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It would appear that I need to train for a little run in the dark.
I should really blame fuck_m3_up as it was her idea.

I have recently joined Holmes Place in Wood Green after a 3 week break from the gym. When I started on their running machines, I was at first horrified at how out of shape I was after only three weeks. I then realised that the bastard treadmill was showing the speed and distance in imperial measurements rather than the far better metric measurements. No wonder I was having trouble running 13kph for a sustained period. It was 13mph. And trying to run 5km is easier than 5 miles.
Oh well, I'm also almost back to being able to lift the same weight before my unscheduled break, and this is good. Once I have reached my targets then I will concentrate on endurance and stamina.
I guess this might be mostly of interest to fuzball and fuck_m3_up but here are my immediate targets:

  • Shoulder, Lateral raises (Sideways and forwards): 15kg

  • Shoulder raise, Machine 50kg

  • Reverse Butterfly, 15kg

  • Lateral Pull-Up: 50kg

  • Chest Incline, Machine: 100kg

  • Chest Standard, Machine 100kg

  • Benchpress: 100kg

  • Pectoral Machine: 100kg

  • Sitting Flyes: 25kg

  • Back Pulldown, Machine: 100kg

  • Preacher Curls: 25kg

  • Hammercurls: 25kg

  • Normal Curls: 25kg

  • Triceps: 25kg

These are obviously just intermediate goals. Once I have achieved these (and I'm close), then I will concentrate more on endurance, stamina and cardio excercises.
At the moment I'm overtraining and I know it, but I'm making up for it by taking far too many vitamins, minerals, protein drinks (Mmmm, chocolate taste (: ) All in all it's good, and I'm slowly coming to the realisation that I am actually quite big in this country :->
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