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Preparation is 9/10 of the battle...
My preparations for a run in the dark has started in earnest.
Today I ran 5 miles in 55 minutes. Not bad. Naturally I hope to improve on this, and have decided that proper weight training will have to take a backseat to the cardio for a while.

I have accidentally purchased a ticket to go and see Rammstein :)
I've been wanting to go and see them for ages so this will be good.

Also, tomorrow will see the return of </a></b></a>spikey_bastard and </a></b></a>posthuman_angel to these shores. With a tiny bit of luck </a></b></a>wuggy should also be arriving. Naturally this means that Garlic & Shots will be invaded by us & </a></b></a>fuck_m3_up and her posse (</a></b></a>lanarks_rima? </a></b></a>popfulmail? Coming?).
Anyone else who fancy joining us for beer and good food is of course more than welcome. We expect to be there from 21:00 - 21:30 onwards.
And the weekend will contain much bleepiness in the form of Black Celebration. Yay.

In more geeky news, I'm currently downloading SuSE Linux Pro 9.1. That's a whopping 6 or 7 gb. Ouch. Especially since I have E-Mule doing time as well. Oh well, so much for my bandwidth :)

Hmm, I seem to have developed quite a liking for Sarah Brightmans songs.

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